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Lighting My Own Fire Matchbox

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These matchboxes were born out of necessity ~ the number of times I've had to find a twig to light on fire just to light my altar candle once it's been burned even a little bit is staggering. There is no elegant way to bend the human hand so that it simultaneously fits inside that oppressive glass tube and can also make the motions necessary to light a lighter. And regular size matches go out before you get down there! Annoyingggggg! These matches are six inches, which is the perfect length for getting into all your candles in one fell swoop. And also the perfect size to completely neutralize any upsetting potty odors. Whatever your use for them, light your own fire baby! Matchboxes are 7" x 3.75" x 1", with a velvet matte paper finish over cardboard construction, and are built to last. Each box comes with 20 matches.