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Figgy Design Bar

No appointment necessary. Just walk in anytime!


Step 1: choose your design and place your sheet on your tray, fill out top of sheet (circle metal finish and chain length if designing a necklace)

Step 2: grab gemstones (don't be shy!) and start playing with cluster designs on your tray

Step 3: once you have your final cluster design, place your stones on the sticky tape exactly how you would like to see them on your piece

Step 4: bring your sheet to the register to pay

*Each piece is thoughtfully handmade by the owners, Crystal & Ellie and will take 5-8 weeks to complete. We will text you when its ready for pickup! 


Cluster Ring: $78

Cluster Necklace: Gold $70     Silver $65

Cluster Studs: $50

Adjustable Bar Bracelet: $70

Cuff Bracelet: $75

Gemstones: add on $5 for each stone

Design Inspiration

Cluster Rings

Cluster Necklaces


Cluster Studs

Jewelry Making Process:

Your jewelry will be handmade using a jewelry making process called electroforming. Electroforming is a jewelry-making process where metal is deposited onto a conductive surface through an electric current in an electrolyte solution. This builds up a layer of metal, giving it an organic look which makes each piece truly one-of-a-kind.


Each piece is electroformed in copper, then heavily plated in 14k gold or rhodium (high quality silver). We always do free repairs and re-plates (for a small fee) if anything should happen to your jewelry. We use 14k gold filled or sterling silver chain for necklaces.