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Sardine Refillable Lighter

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It's about to get STINKY in here and it may or may not be the slimy boys in oil at fault. These lighters are the perfect gift for your favorite stoner - or ahem...candle enthusiast. The graphic is printed on the front side only, with all other sides revealing the bright yellow metal of the outer case. The only lighter you will ever need! These lighters are refillable using standard lighter fluid. No more disposable lighters creating waste! Woohoo!!! “Imperfect” lighters are those with external blemishes such as scuffs, paint bubbles, abnormal paint texture, etc. They still work good as new, they are just less than perfect (but who amongst us isn’t). NOTE - the lighter will come empty and will not light right out of the box. You will have to get lighter fluid and fill 'er up yourself. Attention: these are NOT ZIPP0 brand lighters and are not affiliated in any way.