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Revitalize Incense, 25 sticks per pack

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Revitalize is a gentle aromatic floral fragrance that awakens the senses. Start your morning by lighting a stick of Revitalize to awaken your body, mind and spirit after being in slumber. Use the Revitalize sticks to start your day with an intention when you need a boost of energy to start a project or to simply uplift your mood or spirit. This fragrant incense has been known to awaken creativity and revitalize your body, mind and spirit. Take a few deep breaths and open your spirit to receiving the blessings that await you. Our incense sticks are made on the sunny island of Sri Lanka. They are sun-dried, vegan, not animal tested, and non-toxic. These sticks support over 300+ small communities in Sri Lanka. Individual packet: contains 25 sticks. Burn time is 60 minutes Each stick is 9" in length No trimming of sticks to fit incense holder. All bamboo sticks are the same size/width. Directions: Light coated tip. Blow out flame and place in a heat-proof holder.