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Protection Incense, 25 sticks per pack

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Incense has been used since ancient times for purification and protection of your living space and can be used in your work environment. Clear the negative energy or frequency and allow light to flow into your space. Use Protection in your entrance, all entry doors, corners, windows and vents, especially when living in a condo. Protection is an earthy floral fragrance. Take a few deep breaths and light the Protection stick to put a shield around you and remove the anxiety and stress in your living and workspace. Feel the shift. Our incense sticks are made on the sunny island of Sri Lanka. They are sun-dried, vegan, not animal tested, and non-toxic. These sticks support over 300+ small communities in Sri Lanka. These sticks are hand-dipped in essential oils that are IFRA (International Fragrance Association) certified. Individual packet: contains 25 sticks. Burn time is 60 minutes Each stick is 9" in length