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Lavender Incense, 25 sticks per pack

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Lavender incense is used to keep depression and anxiety at bay and promote relaxation. It may also stimulate the third-eye chakra, and promote concentration and visualization. At the end of a long day, light a Lavender stick and simply relax with some soothing music and breathe. Relish in the tranquil aromas that this ancient fragrance has to offer. Our incense sticks are made on the sunny island of Sri Lanka. They are sun-dried, vegan, not animal tested, and non-toxic. These sticks support over 300+ small communities in Sri Lanka. These sticks are hand-dipped in essential oils that are IFRA (International Fragrance Association) certified. Individual packet: contains 25 sticks. Burn time is 60 minutes Each stick is 9" in length No trimming of sticks to fit incense holder. All bamboo sticks are the same size/width. Directions: Light coated tip. Blow out flame and place in a heat-proof holder. Please keep away from little hands, paws and flammable items.