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„A healthy lifestyle starts with drinking healthy water.“ But let’s face it: Most people spend more time on their attire in the morning than on the choice of water they consume. Fresh and lively water can change your life decisively. This book will give you first‑hand advice on how to breathe life into your drinking water, describing the properties of 85 gemstones and their effect on water. The impressive compendium will teach you several easy‑to‑use methods to love what you drink! Ewald Eisen invented the principle to prepare water like fresh from a natural spring. His 40‑year research in the secrets of water started a movement to raise awareness for healthy water all over the world. Devices that are based on his principle are used by millions of people. His expertise in treating water naturally makes him a much sought‑after advisor for many international companies, especially in the wellness and luxury spa industry. His motto: „You can't reinvent water. Just the way you drink it!“