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Disco Cowgirl Lighter

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This one is for all our disco loving cowgirls!!  This adorable hot pink lighter has the cutest boot and disco ball design. Steel lighter uses butane gas. Simply flick the button edge to release the flame! The flame on this bb is hot pink! Lighter may light when you first get it but will absolutely positively need to be filled with butane. View our tutorial on how to fill this lighter here! Lighter measures 2.25" x 1.25" Perfect for lighting cigarettes, candles, or whatever else you need a fire for! Disco cowgirl art drawn by meee and is property of Burning Love. For further instructions on filling the lighter you can go to our help page here! This is not!!! a!!! toy!!!!! and is not!!! for!!! kids!!!! Please be careful when using this product and keep away from children! We can not be held liable for any accidents that occur when using this product. Lighters can NOT be shipped internationally.