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Celestial Buddies Earth Buddy (Little Earth) Space Plush

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Designed to match our home planet's landscape, Earth Buddy depicts the awe-inspiring traits of our blue planet's surface. Earthy joined the SpaceX Crew Dragon and spent over 500 days aboard the International Space Station! SCIENTIFIC SIDEKICK: Combine the scientific wonders of space exploration with a planetary pal! Earth Buddy is a perfect blend of educational appeal and playful plush, transforming astronomy into a fun learning experience for all ages. HANDS-ON LEARNING: Celestial Buddies offers a tactile learning experience with our planet plushes. Intricately designed textures and details provide a hands-on exploration of the cosmos. GREAT GIFT: Our Buddies make a great gift for anyone who loves space. Perfect for birthdays, showers, Easter or any holiday! Cultivate a passion for astronomy and science with our cute, cuddly companions. Ages 0+. Spot clean.